Composition for Multilingual Students Program {College of Liberal & Creative Arts}

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Composition for Multilingual Students Placement Test (CMSPT)


To take the Composition for Multilingual Students Placement Test (CMSPT):

  1. You must complete and submit this form to the CMS Program (Composition for Multilingual Students Program, formerly the ESL Program).
  2. After you have completed and submitted this form, you should print it out. (We will email a copy of your completed registration form to the email address you put on this form so you can print it out later, if you prefer.)
  3. You must ALSO register and pay for the CMSPT at the Testing Center (Student Services Building, One Stop; or online).

When you come to take the CMSPT you must bring:

  1. a printed copy of the email which you will receive to show that you have submitted this web form.
  2. your receipt from the Testing Center to show that you registered and paid for the CMSPT.



You will need your official University ID number before this form can be accepted.

  • This number is the nine-digit number that you used to access Web or Touchtone registration when you signed up for classes.
  • This number is the nine-digit number assigned to you by SFSU when you submitted your application. Check your admissions documents, or call the Admissions Office at 338-1113.
  • This number is the 12-digit number that is on your SFSU photo identification card.

If you have questions about how to complete this form, please call the CMS (Composition for Multilingual Students) Office at (415) 338-1320 before you submit this web form.

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